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Great! this time me me me...sorry! haha

After years of studying I finally landed my first job! I am very proud of actually making it this far and thus I started blogging about it. Why? Because getting this job is my passion! I'm in the construction market. Since the financial crisis it has been a hard time acquiring a job in any sort of niche in the construction market, because beside banks, insurance businesses and pension companies it was one of the first sectors that got a direct hit from the crisis. CNN made a nice timeline out of this.

I have started with this job the first of December 2011. So it has been merely a few weeks ago and I already love it. I am working simultaneously with about fifty colleagues who are pleasant, friendly, casual and genuine. I detest it when there are people around me who are only kissing butts. But they didn't so you will not here me complain!

This weekend we might be able to finally take a break and work on the house a bit. We painted the room of our daughter. She always wanted a blue room (go figure!) so we took care of that. She was playing outside while mum and I were doing all the hard work. We made a sun at the top so the blue room gave the impression of the sky. It became very pretty.

So I got this new job that I was talking about. I landed it a few weeks ago and I seriously think this is going to help me in my career to become a specialist architect. That is something I have been dreaming off since I was a kid and I hope I can finally pursue that dream and meet it in about 5 to 10 years. The sooner the better of course but we'll see. I don't want to rush anything, because at this time I am just glad that I have a job.

I am glad I may finally bring some food on the table by possessing this job. I was looking at what salary to expect. It took me some time to comprehend what I could ask and although I was making like 40 grant a year how much would that be after tax? I used and online paycheck calculator to figure that out. I must pay almost 28% tax! I didn't expect that. So that was a disappointment a bit.

My girlfriend is still pleased with her job. She has been doing community work at two different schools and at at an institution for disabled kids. She loves it over there but it can be rather hard. What is crazy is that she is working there for quite a while already and I just had a new job, yet I earn extra money than she did. How fair can life be? I was smiling, but she was not at all enjoying it.

I did notice something about taxes in the United States that I have read recently and that I was actually astonished with. First off evidently the social security taxes are there for just one year. It used to be a one-year only reduction and I thought it would stay for a longer while. That's a 2% extra deduction down the drain. If you were thinking of adopting a child you have 14 days left. Why? As the refundable tax credit for adoption will lead to 2011 as well. Talking about an awful year aren't we? And last but not least there is a change in the other minimum tax. I am glad that I missed that boat, because I finally were offered a job and make enough money to pay too much money for the least tax anyway. For the few individuals who are making the bare minimumÖ stay strong.

So with the tax stuff rising and everything getting more expensive I have been looking at our major expenses in 2011. We wish to save some cash to purchase a new car as we really need a bigger car for our future kids. We have been looking at a ford, Toyota and Volkswagen. Our main expenses were: rent (which now became a mortgage obviously), going out for dinners, gas for the motor car, vacation, clothing, insurances and our current car and finally medical care. That is pretty much inline with the national average. I looked that up at Wikipedia.

There are lots of tools, which you can employ to track your outlays on a day-to-day, weekly or monthly basis. I have tracked this for 6 months and it was a great way to ascertain. I lately heard of mint which evidently is a web site where you can even make a link with your bank account. This way it is easier to monitor all the costs you are making during your life. I meanÖ I remember when I did it. It took me about 2 hours a week to keep track of everything. The first two months I was actually using basic pen and paper, but I switched to Excel fairly quickly. In excel you can readily make a tab with your revenue, a tab with your costs and and overview of your pay minus the costs. This way you get a clear view of your net amount every month. I needed to do this, because our income was pretty low and I just required to be free of any debt.

Next week we'll continue polishing off the house. There are a few things that need to be carried out in order to completely finish. I know what you are thinking "a house is never finished". This might be the case at our place as well, but we currently have the feeling that if we do the last few changes we are really getting somewhere near perfection. The garden is one of our main concerns. It is a junkyard now. There are all kind of piles with dirt, wood and metal. There is barely and grass and the shed that we've will probably not survive a light sea breeze. Thankfully we have a very handy sweetheart's father who can produce a shed for us with a few wooden boards, some nails and too much free time.

Sorry for this long post! I just had to get all these matters of my chest. There is a lot of movement in our life lately and I just had to write something about it to get some peace of mind. I am glad that a lot of changes have a very positive impact on our lifetimes and that we are actually living the life we always wanted. With a few minor setbacks but we'll get over that. I'll make an update again in a couple of weeks or months when I need to acquired a whole book of my chest again...


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